DRIFT is getting closer and closer. This year too, DRIFT organises the event Film and Philosophy together with De Uitkijk.

Through Film and Philosophy we will explore several aspects of the theme of our festival through a series of films. The theme of this year is ‘HIER ZIJN DRAKEN’ (Here be dragons), a reference to text supposedly written on maps to indicate unknown territory. We will explore this terra incognita in four films. Prior to the screening, a short talk will be held discussing philosophical ideas relating to the film. The event will take place on the Monday evenings in April. Tickets are available on the website of De Uitkijk. The movies to be shown are:

3 april: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020)

10 april: Being John Malkovich (1999)

17 april: Liquid Sky (1982)

24 april: The Seventh Seal (1957)

With Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes we will find ourselves in the waters of an unknowable future. In the movie a man discovers that the tv in his room shows the future two minutes from the present. Several humorous and dangerous situations occur when he shares this with his friends. Prior to the screening, Jeroen Smid, who gives a course on the philosophy of David Lewis at the University of Amsterdam, will explain how the paradoxes of time travel can be solved using the philosophy of David Lewis.
With Being John Malkovich we will try to see the world through the eyes of the other. What does it mean to be someone different? What does it mean to be yourself? What does it mean if there is a door through which people can see into your consciousness? The movie will be introduced by Michael Thomas, who teaches the course Film Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.
With Liquid Sky we will explore the edges of our culture and observe the pioneers who attempt to broaden these boundaries. The group we will follow are heroin addicts, who, in a bizarre turn of events, are stalked by aliens. The aliens sustain themselves by siphoning the substances humans brains produce in times of ecstasy.
After this long ride through future, the other and the edges of culture, a game of chess is played between a knight and the ultimate unknown: death. The knight believes death cannot touch him while the game goes on and attempts to exploit every tactic to prolong the match. In the The Seventh Seal we will discover the territory no one has ever returned from. What is there after death?