DRIFT aims to make distinguished academic philosophy accessible for as many people as possible. By providing a podium for academics from the Netherlands and abroad, the festival represents current developments and discussions in philosophy. Renowned speakers enter into conversation with young and upcoming talent. Every year DRIFT also invites students of philosophy to showcase their views on the world and the current philosophical climate. Because of all this, visitors are invited to get acquainted with theories and thinkers that they might not come into contact with otherwise. DRIFT realizes a unique combination of philosophy and culture. Because besides lectures and debates, DRIFTs lineup also consists of poetry, prose, music, theater and the visual arts, a dialogue with artistic expression comes into existence, which explores the edges of the philosophical domain. DRIFT facilitates comprehensive, peculiar and complex philosophical thinking, but also casual conversation. Near the end of evening, we search for meaning on the dance floor. A visit to DRIFT means getting thrown smack dab in the middle of a bustling polyphony of theory, conversation, arts and impressions, and then finally to drift on home again, content and heavily laden with fresh ideas.