Since 2006, each year a group of philosophy students at the University of Amsterdam works hard to organise Philosophical Festival DRIFT. DRIFT was first founded out of discontent with the quality of the philosophy events on offer, the passion for philosophy and the wish to share this with others. DRIFT wants to make academic philosophy accessible to an audience of laypeople and academics alike. By inviting national and international philosophers, DRIFT presents contemporary developments in philosophy, introducing visitors to theories and thinkers they might not otherwise have encountered. 

DRIFT forms a unique combination of philosophy and culture. The program comprises lectures and debates, but also poetry, literary prose, music, theatre and figurative arts. Theoretical reason and artistic expression interact at the limits of philosophy, renowned names enter into discussion with young talent. There is room for complex, specialist, and rigorous thought, but also for conversation and at the end of the night we will seek refuge from academics on the dance floor. 

Philosophy students are invited to present their vision on the world and the current philosophical climate. In this cacophony of voices and images, the visitor is jolted from theory to melody to conversation, and will return home ‘driftig’ of new ideas.


Funds & Sponsors

Departement Wijsbegeerte

Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds


Evert Willem Beth Stichting

Stichting de Filosoof

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Stichting NUT

Van den Berch van Heemstede Stichting


The 2021 Collective

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Benjamin du Gardijn

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Daniel Sarić

Keet Winter

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